Orel Chollette

Producer - Photographer - Cinematographer

The best part about what I do is being able to work with literally anybody. Every single project we receive is different from the last. Any brand or artist understands that photography and video content are crucial to their growth. My growing team is beyond capable of providing that for people to bring their vision from mind to reality.


Zoe Bower


Hi my name is Zoe Bower and I’m an editor. I like long walks on the beach and sweaty hikes during the sunset, so I decided to move to LA. Editing has been a passion of mine for many years because I love the ability to tell a story, emulate emotion, and work with a team to create art. I cherish the idea that the editor is responsible for putting the puzzle pieces together, while the director watches as his or her vision comes to life.


Matthew Fee

Project Manager - Writer - Editor

Telling a story is the driving factor behind my art. Using word and images, my main goal is to bring an emotionally moving story to the foreground using aesthetically pleasing images. I’ve collaborated with Chollette for over a year now, and look forward to expanding our work.


Jazmin Bryant

Producer - Editor

I have been storytelling using film and video since my childhood. I fell in love with the art form and have continued to gain knowledge on clean, aesthetically-pleasing filmmaking. To me the most valuable part  of what I do is bringing visions to life with passion, open-minded creativity and dedication.


Zack Gregory

Creative Director

The whole process of working on a project for me, whether it be commercial, music video, or narrative work, all drives me to imagery and how those images can tell a story. The language of the art form is what separates it from other great mediums and I want to push that language to new heights.